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Role Page Composition, Layout Design, Typesetting, Photography Post Production, Model & Typeface Selection
Company Brandwell

The Gionni Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbags Catalogue was designed according to the new seasonal campaign and collection inspired by summer holidays and influenced by traditional African crafting, with vibrant colours and a touch of innovation.

The brief consisted in: catalogue design to display and promote the Spring/ Summer 2020 campaign and products collection to be used by the sales teams in Ireland and UK as a material support for promotion and to increase and facilitate sales transactions.


Getting inspiration from the campaign concept, the graphics used on the backgorund and colour holder shape style were designed inspired by the traditional African crafting.


The Diehl typeface was chosen for the range names due to its decorative and handmade look to keep the concept consistency. "Gabriola" was used below the menu, on the range presentation because its handwritten aspect grants a proximity to the reader. The other two typefaces were chosen to ensure readability to style numbers and descriptions.


The colour palette used set the spring summer mood to the catalogue: vibrant and bright tones of orange and pink, the gradient gives a modern touch to the layout. A darker shade of pink was used on the text to grant readability.


The model shots were taken from online stock and selected with the following criterias: a young, funny and fashionable girl representing Gionni's target audience. An extensive and meticulous research for the ideal shots was done taking in consideration the adequate: age range, summer mood, outfit, make up, scenario, colour palette, posing, attitude, and finally the possibility of product insertion.


All the handbags were photoshopped into the model images. The product photos were taken at specific angles to grant a natural look. The handbag size, colour, brightness and shadows were also adjusted on the image.

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And voilĂ , here's the result! :)

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