Gionni Social Media

Role Layout, Photography Manipulation, Image Selection & Edition, Motion Graphics
Company Brandwell

The Gionni social media content is planned according to the target audience lifestyle, displaying the products from current collection with a twist, engaging followers and promoting brand awareness. The product design team does the fashion social media trend research to elaborate the brief for each post.

The post format is square to grant visibility on desktop and mobile platforms. The products' images are taken from image database and further assets from online stock which I choose according to brief specifications.

Gionni	Facebook Posts

Gionni	Facebook Posts

The artwork composition and edition is made on Photoshop and exported for web formats.

Gionni Gifs

Motion Graphics are an alternative made to catch the reader’s attention and interaction.

Gionni Facebook Page

The Facebook profile and cover picture are designed using the current collection campaign visual assets.

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