Gionni Symbol Design

Role Ideation, Research, Symbol Design
Company Brandwell
In this project I had the opportunity to learn about material manufacturing and print aplication. Working with the product design team I developed an exclusive brand symbol to be used as a print pattern and as fittings to add value and aesthetic appeal to a range of handbags.


The symbol would express the brand values that in a nutshell is defined as feminine, Irish & modern.


I used these keywords to do an image research and came up with a moodboard to get inspiration from.


Analysing the images I could identify the main visual characteristics and other relevant symbols to base the design.

logo design

With that information and to grant brand consistency I used part of the logo’s first letter as a base to create the symbol. I've rotated, duplicated and flipped this part resulting in a symetric shape.


From this shape many options were created, where five were selected, analysed by the team, that made the final choice taking the research result in consideration. Refinements were made to grant visibility.

pattern & metal logo

Once the symbol was finalised, a pattern was developed to be printed on materials. A metal logo with its shape was also designed. The brand logo was discreetly inserted on both designs for brand identification.

final application on product

After samples of the material and the handbag design were approved, it was time to see the result: the final application on the product. Happy days!